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MIMIr is primarly designed to aid, assist and help partner universities in South Neighbouring Countries to understand the status quo of their innovation and research mentality, performance, efficacy, and practices and devise pathways to overcome impediments, hindrances, fiascos and pitfalls that prevent them from achieving recognised stature in the international landscape.

The core thread to accomplish this goal is to measure existing innovation and research activities, to gauge regulatory framework management,  administration and tools, and to scope opportunities for overcoming bureaucratic obstacles, stimulating conditions and elevate mindsets. Coupled to provision of comparative analysis to European processes, practices and state-of-the-art, the consortium will identify areas for change, targets for improvement, and a trajectory to excel. Accordingly, partner universities will be informed on the organisation of management of innovation and research in European universities, understand present model, principles, and standards, and embrace and partake the opportunity for support, guidance and corroboration from European partners.

What is MIMir?

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