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Aims & Objectives

The wider objective of the project is to modernise institutional management of innovation and research, promote excellence and propose actions at universities in South Neighbouring Countries that will align them with the European Research Area.

​Specific objectives
  • Measure innovation and research in partner universities, provide comparative analysis to European processes, identify areas for change and assist in setting targets for improvement, and provide appropriate knowledge and means to improve actions that contribute to sustainability,

  • Develop an institutional management model of innovation and research at Moroccan and Jordanian partner institutions to best align their performance to the European Research Area,

  • Pilot the new model in partner universities to inform its completion, support its sustainability through targeted dissemination, and monitor and evaluate its uptake and early impact,

  • Improve procedures to enhance innovation and research within university hierarchy, set up an appropriate administrative and legal framework and the required infrastructure, and extend services and training in collaboration with local and regional industries and community,

  • Improve the human capacity of partner universities by providing training and upgrading opportunities in the EU especially for aspiring young and women researchers, and develop professional training programmes  to promote the model and enhance its impact,

  • Utilise ICT tools and database to enhance and consolidate the new management model of innovation and research,

  • Disseminate good practices and share practical experience in university management of innovation and research and promote and support the foundation of a research and innovation network across South Neighbouring Countries and Europe.

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