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Work packages

Work package 1 (PREPARATION) : Scope Analysis and State-of-the-Art in Southern Partner Countries

Work package 2 (PREPARATION) : European State-of-the-Art on Innovation and Research Management

The aims of WP2 is to review, present and discuss the state of play in innovation and research management in European partner universities which are increasingly developing partnerships in their research and innovation missions, embracing the “open innovation model” of university-business collaboration and seeking to embed in sound project management and improved intellectual property management that reflects respective interests.

DEV  2.1     Focus Group

DEV  2.2     Study Tours

DEV  2.3     Conference on Innovation and Research Management

DEV  2.4     Handbook and Report on European Innovation and Research Management

Work package 3 (DEVELOPMENT): Developing a Research and Innovation Management Model for Jordan and Morocco

The objective of WP3 is to develop a new institutional management model for innovation and research for both Morocco and Jordan that builds upon the findings of WP1 and WP2, establish appropriate legal framework, produce guidelines and procedures, and create the required infrastructure within university hierarchy in partner universities for its implementation including a quality assurance (QA) tools to assess progress and achievements.

DEV  3.1     Special Interest Teams

DEV  3.2     Emerging Landscape in Research and Innovation Management (Morocco)

 DEV  3.2     Emerging Landscape in Research and Innovation Management (Jordan) 

DEV  3.3     Matching Exercise

DEV  3.4     New Innovation and Research Model 

DEV  3.5     Commitment of  Senior Management

DEV  3.6     Piloting the Model

Work package 4 (DEVELOPMENT) : Supporting Structures for Innovation and Research and Management

WP4 will focus on supporting partner institutions with the necessary infrastructure to effectively and efficiently manage innovation and research activities.

DEV  4.1     Innovation and Research Management Office

DEV  4.2     Technology Transfer Office

DEV  4.3     Innovation and Research Information Platform

DEV  4.4     Innovation and Research Information Database

DEV  4.5     e-Research Initiative

Work package 5 (DEVELOPMENT): Training Human Resources and Capacity Building

The aim of WP5 is to develop a capacity building and staff development programme in innovation and research management.

DEV  5.1     Development of Capacity Building Programme

DEV  5.2     Training in ICT and Research Platform Management

DEV  5.3     Training in Innovation Management  

DEV  5.4     e-Tools Skills Development

DEV  5.5     Home Training Sessions

                   Home Training Session - Amman, Jordan

                   Home Training Session - Rabat, Morocco

Work package 6 (QUALITY): QA Tools in Management of Innovation and Research

WP6 is designed to monitor progress in the establishment and implementation of the innovation and research management model within South Neighbouring Partner Countries’ partner institutions and to identify early impacts, successes and areas for improvement.

DEV  6.1     Quality Committee

DEV  6.2     External Evaluator

DEV  6.3     Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

DEV  6.4     Quality and Evaluation Reports

Work package 7 (DISSEMINATION) : Dissemination and Sustainability

WP7 focuses on both in the general outreach of the project and in generating multiplying effects among the partnership and the partner countries’ innovation and research communities.

DEV  7.1     Dissemination and Sustainability Committee

DEV  7.2     Dissemination Plan and Sustainability Strategy

DEV  7.3     Project Website and Intranet design & maintenance

DEV  7.4     Research and Innovation Network

DEV  7.5     National Networking Events

DEV  7.6     Final Dissemination Conference

Work package 8: MANAGEMENT

The project management has been structured as a collective task while emphasizing, at the same time, individual responsibilities.

DEV  8.1     Kick-off Meeting

DEV  8.2     Project Management Team

DEV  8.3     Financial and Administrative Management

DEV  8.4     Production of Intermediate and Final Reports

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