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Focus Group in Milan

Within the framework of the MIMIr project, a focus group has been held in Milan, hosted by the Universitá degli Studi di Milano (UNIMI) on September 15, 2016, gathering representatives from the University of Barcelona, University of Montpellier, Sapienza University, EUA, and UNIMED.

September 17, 2016

The objective of this gatehring was to better understand the management of research and innovation in European universities and get a an overveiw of the internal managerial processes and administrative procedures, training and international projection.

The programme started with presentations by UNIMI that gave a practical insight into research and innovation management at the university, followed by group discussion, where the European partners had the opportunity to provide, compare, and exchange their own experiences, and practices.

This meeting was addressed to the European partners only of the Consortium and a specific focus was made on the UNIMI large experience and expertise in the field of research and innovation with the active contribution of Prof. Monica Diluca, Vice Rector for Internationalisation, Prof. Chiara Tonelli,  Vice Rector for Research and Dr. Angelo Casertano, Director Research Area.

This gathering set the basis for EUA to draft of short thematic reports/documents that will then be used to produce the ‘Handbook and Report on European Innovation and Research Management’ (Deliverable2.4.).

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