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This national event was held in Amman and was hosted by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHE). The meeting, that counted on the participation of more than 150 representatives f  aimed to guarantee the maximum impact of MIMIR's activities across the Jordanian Higher Education system.

April 02, 2018

In a national event held at the MoHE, in Amman, Jordan last 28 March 2018 more than 150 participants including academic researches, deans of national and private universities, research centres representatives and researches from different academic institutes among others, the MIMIR project was introduced over 3 hours of various and extensive lectures.

During the introductory session, Prof. Abeer Al-Bawab presented MIMIR’s work packages and the accomplished the deliverable of each project. Afterwards, the supporting infrastructure and platform developed by MIMIR has been presented to the audience with a short demo explaining how the platform works.

The MIMIR platform is part of the development of the work package 4 lead by the University of Jordan (UJ) which includes the creation of an Innovation and Research Information Platform (Dev 4.3) and an e-Research Initiative. During this training session, a demo of a beta version of the supporting platform (software) was introduced under the patronage of his Excellency Prof. Adel Altwaisi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research with a successful and positive reception.

This demo included all basic features the platform should implement such as registration of researchers, registering a project on the platform, adding and removing content to projects, among others. In addition, the presentation included a brief on the platform’s hardware and how it is planned to support scalability, security, maintainability, and reachability. The suggested infrastructure by the UJ has been adopted, and already requested, by most of the partner institutes.

At the end of the event researchers were introduced and had the opportunity to participate in an interactive discussion on innovation & management.








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