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Roundtable on Management Models in Amman, Jordan

A roundtable on innovation and research management models in Morocco and Jordan, took place in Amman on July 12-13, 2017, with the aim of gathering together research and industry leaders and university top-management from Morocco and Jordan, as well as EU experts.

July 15, 2017

The goal was to present the activities implemented so far, and discuss the reports on innovation and research management landscape (DEV 3.2) prepared by the Jordanian and Moroccan Partners of the project. The discussions has also been focused on the production of a Roadmap (DEV. 1.5) towards an appropriate and efficient innovation and research management models in Morocco and Jordan.


The University of Jordan and the Université Mohammed V coordinated the drafting of the reports, with the idea of defining a customized management model at a national level for Morocco and Jordan. These two reports analyse the transition processes which are taking place in the systems of research, innovation and higher education in Moroccan and Jordanian national contexts and how managers, administrators, policy-makers and researchers are enabled and trained to deal with them successfully, by linking system changes with institutional changes, improving management skills to deal with the changing environment inside their institutions, and developing a sound understanding of linkage to industry and labour markets.

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